Friday, April 8, 2011

She Wants to be a Grandmother

Every so often, I get a letter from my mom which contains a newspaper clipping or other information related to fertility. My mom has wanted to be a grandmother most of my adult life. Now that I am 40, she's going through a panic about me starting menopause recently.

I have always wanted children, all my life. I could never seem to be in a relationship that I felt was loving enough to bring a child into. So, I've pretty much put it off until now. But, having a family of my own is definitely still my biggest dream and daily prayer to God.

Now, things are complicated even more by the fact that I am in love with a man prison. (See my blog, "The Prisoner's Fiance" for details.) He still has a couple of years to go, while I continue to go through menopause. My mother truly fears that this choice may cause me to never be able to have children.

I've started researching the different fertility options that I may have. I am still researching and going through consultations, but it looks like I've pretty much made a decision. I plan to have my eggs frozen. That way, if all of my eggs are useless by the time my boo gets released, we will still have the option of using my frozen eggs to make our family.

Because he has been my best friend for two decades, he always knew there were some type of fertility issues for me. Now that we're in love, he is more than happy to go through whatever procedures we need to in order to have children together.

I guess the only question will be, "How many eggs do we use at one time"? Knowing my mother, she will say "Use them all"! But, Lord knows I don't want to be "Me & Him + 8" or "The New Octo-mom." LOL! LMBO!


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