Affiliate Programs I Trust

My Favorite Affiliate Programs

Interested in making money online? Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn extra cash with your blogs and websites.

Below are the affiliate programs that I trust. I am currently an active affiliate partner of all of the programs listed on this page. I have actually received commission payments from every one of the affiliates below.


Prison Rideshare Store - Paying 10% of Generated Sales
Website that sells things that people who visit CDCR prisons can use. They have great see-through purses, wallets and other carrying cases. They also have a selection of wire-free bras in many sizes. All items meet CDCR visiting guidelines. --- Oh yea! They provide transportation to prison visitors.

1&1 Web Hosting - Pays within 6 weeks
1&1 offers free domain registration with all Web hosting packages. Most have 30+ days free!
The payout is guaranteed with 6 weeks of your referral. They will pay to an bank account or your PayPal account. Just click the link above, and click on Affiliates form 1&1's home page.

MyLikes - Get paid to post on Twitter and Facebook  
MyLikes is a word-of-mouth advertising platform that allows the long tail of "influencers" on the web to create endorsements for products and services they like. Commissions are paid weekly via check or PayPal.

Get paid to Tweet through twtMob
I am actually still experimenting with this program right now. So, I have no payout details yet. But, I do know that they are well known and basically, you get paid to tweet on Twitter.

More coming soon... Just taking my time to make sure I only add programs that I know actually have payouts that are worth our time.

* Disclaimer: The programs on this page are programs that I have actually made money on. I do not guarantee that YOU will make money on any of the programs above.