Unique Gift Ideas

Unique Gift Ideas

The following are gift ideas I use regularly for my mother, my fiance, my uncle and my cousins.


Customized stationary and cards... Be creative with your prints by putting them on customized greeting cards and stationary. This is a wonderful gift for prison inmates.

Customized Postcards & Postage Stamps -Zazzle has very good postcards and will make stamps out of any picture. There are literally thousands to choose from, or you can use your own photo if you want.

Books & Magazines

Paperback Books - If you are allowed to send your prison inmate books, please do. There isn't much to do in prison so reading can be a lot of fun for those that are able to do it. If you cannot send the whole book, you can copy a chapter at a time to send to your loved one in prison. COOL IDEA: When sending packages, get 2 copies of a book... one for your loved one and one for you. Agree on the number of pages to read and later, discuss what you read through your visits and letters.

Magazines Subscriptions - Everyone loves a good magazine but prison inmates especially love them because they can't always keep up with what's going on outside the prison walls. They will enjoy just about any magazine they are able to receive. Any news from the outside is better then what they hear inside. >>>>>>>> COOL IDEA: If you cannot find a way to send them the whole magazine, tear out some pages or cut out pictures and send them a few at a time.

Crossword Puzzles

Ed Helper - www.edhelper.com
Free Word Puzzle Makers - Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, Printable Puzzles

Instant Online Crossword Puzzle Maker - www.varietygames.com
Free Puzzles to Print & Solve - Crossword Puzzle, Word Search Puzzles, Cryptograms

Eclipse Crossword - www.greeneclipsesoftware.com/eclipsecrossword/index.html
This website is a little different because it offers free software that you can download to make puzzles. The puzzles can be interactive to be used on the computer or even at a website, or you can print them on paper.

Create your own puzzles - www.sjbaker.org/wordsearch-o-matic/index.html
Choose between making easy puzzles and hard puzzles.

Other Cool Ideas

Cut out newspaper articles that your loved one would be interested in. Find articles from their hometown paper.

Play tie tac toe, chess, checkers or another game through the mail... keep sending it back and forth until someone wins!!

Do you both love to write? Decide to write a book! One of you write a chapter and send it to the other one. Then, send it back and forth until it is finished.

* More cool ideas coming soon. Just trying to put them all together for you.


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