Friday, March 14, 2014

Kids Get the Chance to Visit Parents in Prison in This PACT Video

#PrisonRideshare needs your help. 

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Just like the people in the video below, we understand how important it is for kids to have rides to prisons to visit their incarcerated fathers AND mothers. That's why @prisonridesharenetwork is trying so hard to get their network back up and running. But, we need the public's support. Please check out our crowdfunding project at

Due to the loss of our private funding, we have had to suspend our prison transportation services. In the meantime, our new mission is to provide prison visitors with a network to help them locate rides to prisons via prison transportation companies, rideshare programs and carpool partners.

That means that we need a brand new website with a completely different focus. Our new site will allow people who need rides to prisons to use our database to find public transportation, rideshare programs, carpool partners, prison-visitor transportation services, etc... It will also include safety measures, such as verified background checks for drivers, DMV reports on rideshare programs members, etc...

But, We Need Your Help with Our Crowdfunding Project

Our Crowdfunding Project Goal: Currently, our fans use our Facebook page to post their prison transportation needs for others to view. Our project goal is to revamp, redesign and republish our website as a highly-functional Prison Rideshare Network system to help people find local carpool partners to visit specific prisons around the country.

Where the Money Will Go: We need to build the new Prison Rideshare Network website and forum. If we aren't able to raise that amount by the deadline, any funds raised will still go towards website and app developments.

How Can You Help?

Of course, your donations would be awesome. However, if you're not able to contribute funds at this time, here are other ways you can help:
  • Share our campaign on with others on social networks, through emails, even phone calls and letters.
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools to help get the word out.
  • Locate similar businesses, non-profits, services and networks in your local area. Send information about them to us at 
Interested in helping the Prison Rideshare Network get our website and forum back up and running, but safer this time?  Visit our crowdfunding project to like, share, tweet, comment and/or contribute today.


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